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Section 53

Section 53

Jenny and Mike formed Section 53 in 2019. They were employees in a federal correctional institution. The term Section 53, describes an exceptional search, which is in line with their storytelling lyrics. In no time they hit their songwriting stride and continue to create at every opportunity.

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Songwriting since she was 12 yrs old, Jenny has been singing ever since she could, on various stages with bands and in theatre. She was heavily influenced by the music she grew up listening to as a kid. Classical, Folk, rock, gospel and blues to name a few. In recent years, she has been journeying towards understanding her Mohawk ancestry. She enjoys songwriting and bringing life experiences  to connect with their audiences, writing about pivotal life moments.

Mike, who is of Irish decent, is a stellar artist whose art sells worldwide. We encourage you to check out his website He has been playing since he was 11 yrs old, influenced by good 'ole rock and roll and the blues. When the music called to him, he began on the drums, but lucky for us his Father wasn't having any of that! Turning his attention to his guitar, he was all in, and continues to constantly create.

They are as unique as they sound, super talented, and they always play from the heart.

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