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Sax Hazard!

Also commonly known as "Phatz Dominant", this dynamic saxophone/keyboard duo (Joe Alfano, Jamie Hassard) has been playing together in the Huntsville/Muskoka area for a number of years and has developed a set list of nearly 30 tunes!

Expect to hear some good old favourites from great artists such as Steely Dan, the Beatles, Doobie Brothers, and much more!



Jamie Hassard

Originally a Brampton native, he has moved to the Huntsville area. Over his career, he has played in over 30 full time bands across Ontario, Alberta, and England.

He has performed live music and sound effects for improv comedy groups "The Parts" and "Woodshed Improv Collective"

He also has a number of compositions under his belt, both for the stage, and recording.

Joe Alfano

Joe Alfano has been playing sax since he was 10 years old. He plays the alto, tenor and baritone sax in jazz, blues, R & B, rock and roll, concert, swing and dance bands in Haliburton, Muskoka and southern Ontario. Joe was a participant in many Northern Blues Reviews and has played in the pit at many local community theatre productions. Joe has also participated in studio sessions for local recording artists. Originally from Hamilton, Joe has lived in Dorset since 1993.

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