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The Salt Cellars

The Salt Cellars are an independent band who hail from the south side of Algonquin Park. They are a product of their many influences and blend the sounds of Folk, Americana, Blues, Jazz and Pop to create a sound that is uniquely their own. Virginia deCarle and Rob Bersan are the singer/songwriter foundation and in 2016 they formed the duo, ‘The Salt Cellars’. After decades of writing individually they brought their lyrics and music to each other and began writing collaboratively.

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They have played in many venues in different parts of Ontario (Rob has also played in Sweden), getting great feedback from audiences who attend their shows. People love their tight harmonies, skilled musicianship and energy. In 2017, Virginia and Rob invited Ron Kapitain to join the band. His talent on harmonica, accordion & keyboard was a great addition to the duo’s musical creations. In late 2017, the trio met producer and bass player extraordinaire, Richard Joudrey (of Blue Peter and Rational Youth fame). Impressed by their originality and professionalism, he was excited to begin production of their first album entitled, ‘Truth’.  The band became a six piece in 2018, including Richard Joudrey on bass, Anne Wilde on backing vocals and Brendon Burgess on percussion and drums.  The Salt Cellars released a second album titled, “Crooked Tree”, in September 2019, and their 3rd album titled, “Inside These Walls”, was released August 2022. “Inside These Walls” features guest Canadian musicians Jane Bunnett, a multi JUNO award winning member of Maqueque, and Hugh Marsh, a jazz violinist who has played with, among others, Bruce Cockburn, Loreena Mckennitt, Kevin Hearn and The Rheostatics. The Salt Cellars also have made several independently funded Music videos produced by Videographer Peter Chatterton (“You Don’t Know Me”, “Our Favourite Lake”, “Wanna Be With You” and “Silence”) and Harold Eastman (“Inside These Walls”).

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