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Open Jam

Open Jams @ The Hollow

Come on out each Sunday and join us for our widely popular Hollow Valley open jam night! These jams are intended to appeal to and allow musicians of all stripes and skill levels to step up and join in with other local players.

For those as of yet familiar with our jams, please note our rules of etiquette:

1) Be respectful - physical or verbal abuse towards others will not be tolerated

2) Share the stage - if others are waiting to take your place, please keep it to two songs and then take a break while others play

3) Welcome those of all skill levels - if you are a more advanced player, please do your best to make others who may be learning feel welcome!

About the Host

Filthy Rich plays what people want to hear when they go to see live music—all the hits! Performing a repertoire of radio-friendly classic-rock and pop, Rich gets you dancing and singing along to songs you love!

Based in Muskoka, Filthy Rich (Rich Howard) performs often with his band, Filthy Rich and the Empty Pockets in bars and clubs throughout Ontario. They also lend their talents to fundraisers, community events, private parties and weddings.

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