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Tina Turley and New Boots

Tina Turley and New Boots

Tina Turley and New Boots is a new, exciting versatile country band based out of Huntsville, Ontario.

This high energy four piece act will make it hard for you to stay in your seat!

You won’t be able to contain your enthusiasm, they will have you up and engaged in their songs, moving to the music and singing along to their original and well known country hits.

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A well rounded, exceptionally talented group that work seamlessly together to bring you an unforgettable show for young and old, you won’t be disappointed.

With an ever-growing, faithful following, Tina and “the Boots” have people talking.

They are gaining recognition as a “not to be missed,” “you gotta get out and see and hear them” band.

Tina Turley and New Boots is a fresh, upbeat, crowd-pleasing, memorable, music-loving group that are an asset to any event.

Tina Turley

An established country crooner with an unmistakable rock n’ roll edge, Tina Turley is a vocal powerhouse as the front woman of Tina Turley and New Boots.

Turley craves music right down to the depths of her heart and soul.

“It’s like an addiction,” she says. “You can’t shed it, you can’t break it, you can’t stop it. I couldn’t live without it. Wouldn’t want to. It feeds my heart and soul.”

And the road to her finding exactly where she stands as a musician in the Canadian music scene – and ultimately where she wants to be – has been a “put-it-all-on-the-line”, challenging, emotional, “will you sacrifice everything”- but I wouldn’t change a thing … satisfying and rewarding journey.

Her late father, Ed, had a band “Maplestreet ’79,” and when Tina was in her early teens she was playing drums and singing with him and his band at local pubs and Legions in the area.

By the time she was 19 she moved to Toronto and was hired to be the drummer and one of the lead singers in the all-girl band Denam Lace.

Tina has had more than a taste of everything it takes and more that came with living on and off in Nashville back in the late 90s networking, songwriting and attaining publishing on a number of songs.

She has opened for such names as Tim McGraw, The Stampeders, Duane Steele, Carol Baker, Valdy, Tommy Hunter, Prairie Oyster and Black Hawk to name a few.

Turley released an EP in 1995 and received very positive feedback from the radio industry, in Canada, Europe, and the USA, charting in the top 10 and 20 with all 4 songs then following with the videos, she was the first independent Canadian artist to have three music videos on medium rotation on Canadian Country Music Television (CMT).

Tina has performed at shows and festivals all over Canada; Calgary Stampede, Merritt Mountain Festival, Klondike Days, Camrose Big Valley Jamboree, International Plowing Match in Earlton, ON., Policeman’s Ball at Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON.

I’m dive right in with my whole heart.” “Music is what I live for and I’m looking forward to seizing every moment.”

Jesse Jodouin

Jesse started performing live at the age of 14, and ten years later, he is playing regularly at venues like the Horseshoe Tavern and the Algonquin Theatre, in Huntsville, ON with several country, pop, RnB, and indie rock bands. 


Whether it’s a wedding or a music festival, he uses his melodic and tasteful style to bring a unique energy to the stage while always serving the music.


Having learned from some of the best musicians in Canada, Jesse is almost finished earning his Bachelor of Music Degree. 


Cole Jodouin

With almost a decade of experience in the industry as well a Bachelor’s degree in music from Humber College, Cole’s love for playing bass has granted him a healthy dose of knowledge and feel which he continues to bring to every performance and recording session.

When it comes to music genres, Cole has been around the block with a variety ranging from jazz to funk to musical theatre and beyond with a recent focus on pop, R&B, country and rock.

Early inspirations such as Pino Palladino (John Mayer Trio) and James Jamerson (Motown Records) have established an improvisational and groove-first approach in Cole’s approach.


Caleb Millar

Caleb started playing and performing music at the age of 12 and started playing drums at 14. 

His creative blend and great ear make him an excellent drummer as he is able to improvise on the fly while still keeping the energy high.

He has been in some high school jazz bands in which gold was achieved at every competition.

Caleb is currently working on writing, recording, and producing his own music.

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