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Fresh, brilliant, and funky as hell are just some of the ways startled audience members describe Junestone. It doesn’t take long for waves of iridescent guitar chords, lush keyboard improvisations, and the band’s wild and groovy vibe to sweep a room!

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As sincere as they are beguiling, Junestone’s music is ear-catching, memorable, and at times delightfully outrageous. The band features Borys Franiczek on guitars, Ian Aisling on keyboards, Olivia Brown on bass and vocals, and Justin McHugh on drums.

Junestone’s music is psychedelic and often alludes to themes of self-realization, assertiveness, and vision. Smitten with jazz and rock as they are, the band’s playing is routinely inspired by America’s Classical Music and 90’s alternative hits alike. Junestone is consistently influenced by music from everywhere, but their songwriting ingenuity owes it all to American music legends like Charles Mingus, James Brown, and Erykah Badu.

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