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Muskoka Floyd




$22.50 General Admission

Friday, February 16, 2023

Doors 7pm, Show 8pm

Muskoka’s all-star quartet of Sean Cotton, Tamica Herod, The Mighty Lopez, and Jeff Martin perform a tribute to Pink Floyd! MUSKOKA FLOYD performs music from the Roger Waters era of Pink Floyd. From the first album to The Wall. The show focuses on the band’s biggest selling album Dark Side of the Moon, but also dives deep into the early Syd Barrett years of the band, as well as the biggest songs from I Wish You Were Here and The Wall albums.


    MUSKOKA FLOYD is not note for note. Instead, this is a tribute show of solid musicians delivering the songs of Pink Floyd, perhaps as they would have sounded while they were being written, with Syd Barrett and David Gilmour’s electric guitars as the driving force. Two vocalists work together in this show to bring out the vocal textures famously heard on the Floyd’s records.
    Sean Cotton, does some heavy lifting for the show, taking on the riffs, licks, and solos made famous by Barrett and Gilmour. He provides lead and harmony vocals alongside Tamica Herod, a Bracebridge Blues vocalist able to take on the epic Great Gig in the Sky vocal performance from Dark Side of the Moon. The Mighty Lopez on bass guitar and Jeff Martin on drums hold the show together with stunning accuracy to the original recordings.

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