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Band of Last Resort

"Easily one of the bands of all time!" - Entertainment coordinator for Hollow Valley Resort

"These guys are terrible! 0/10!" - Jessica

"You guys did... you did alright..." - kind, inebriated patron at our last show

These are just some of the glowering reviews uttered by awestruck audience members caught in the cacophonous crossfire of the Band of Last Resort

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Let's be honest, the only way these guys are getting a gig here is cause they own the place.

Shaun, Jessica, and Chris (maybe joined by special guests with actual talent) are the Band of Last Resort. The final desperate move of an entertainment coordinator gone mad.

With a repertoire of something like 10 songs, this band is the product of late night jamming after hours, tired and drained after a day of landscaping, meetings, cleaning, and bartending, followed by more cleaning. Despite an obvious lack of talent and rehearsal, they are actually super nice people, and funny to boot!

Please consider clapping between songs. They are truly one of the bands of all time!

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